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SWIM Programs and Professional Development 

In line with our vision of making a more resilient Milwaukee, SWIM provides project based professional development trainings that will make organizations more responsive and self-sufficient.  Our professional development trainings cover making your organization responsive to trauma and mental health, to growing your non-profit or small business and making it more self-sustaining.

Responsive Workplace Training

The SWIM – NATAL Training on Building a Trauma Responsive Workplace is an interactive program designed to raise awareness of the role of trauma in the workplace and help implement best practices for trauma-responsive organizational growth. The training is intended for dedicated members of motivated workplaces committed to learning about trauma-responsive workplace strategies, corporate development, and implementing necessary change at their organizations. To learn more,    click here

SWIM Workplace Training

Non-Profit Accelerator

The holistic program model incorporates a business accelerator specifically tailored for nonprofit leaders. Included in the distinct program design are an orientation, 15 weekly cohort learning sessions, leadership coaching, business mentoring, technical support, and access to a panel of experts and SWIM resources. Further, the Non-Profit Accelerator employs relevant adult learning strategies that respect and leverage the wisdom in the room offered by the talented cohort members. To learn more, Cli ck here

We also have a line up of fantastic events for you to join to help grow and improve your organization.  Learn from industry professionals on topics such as getting reimbursements for your services, financial management, social media and communication, and more! To learn more, check out our events page here