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SWIM Services
Swim is dedicated to improving non-profit organizations to produce more sustainable and self-sufficient business practices.  Through our training programs including our Workplace Training, Capacity building, and Non-Profit Accelerator we help you make your 501c3 self-sufficient and practical.

Workplace Training:

The SWIM – NATAL Training on Building a Trauma Responsive Workplace is an interactive program designed to raise awareness of the role of trauma in the workplace and help implement best practices for trauma-responsive organizational growth.  The training is intended for dedicated members of motivated workplaces committed to learning about trauma-responsive workplace strategies, corporate development, and implementing necessary change at their organizations.  
          This training is a six-module interactive program designed over six months with complete day training every month and between-session practice conducted at participant organizations.  If requested, the timeline can be amended to fit the needs of the participant organizations. 
          Training implementation strategies, consultation, and peer support are built into the program to maximize learning and enable organizational growth.  Over the course of the training, participants will consider the role of trauma in the workplace environment, examine workplace culture, policies, and procedures through a trauma-responsive lens, and implement a change project.  Project, Practice, Modules....

Trauma-Informed Resources